Gain Insight on Your Company’s Expenses

Gain Insight on Your Company’s Expenses

Invest in small business tax preparation in Fort Collins, CO

If you have a small business in Fort Collins, CO, you need to make sure your expenses are accounted for. Avoid challenges by letting a professional handle your finances. Dickson Tax & Consulting provides small business tax preparation services in Fort Collins, CO. We’ll make sure your credits and refunds are maximized.

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Did you know you can receive specific business tax credits?

The IRS provides breaks to small-business owners to keep them afloat. Some of the most common are:

  • Work Opportunity Credit, which provides breaks to owners to hire underprivileged employees
  • Disabled Access Credit, which makes your storefront accessible for people with disabilities
  • Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit, which rewards owners who drive eco-friendly vehicles

For more information regarding business credits, call us today to see if you qualify. We may be able to apply them to your business tax preparation.